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Kameez (Top) / Salwar (Bottom)

Your size and style selections & instructions are subject to fabric pattern and limitations.
Some of measurement points might not be practical or advisable as per our design team and they might use their best judgement.
Value range in each field does not mean that each item can be made on those extreme values but on the other hand some times we might be able to make even out of given range values on request.
If some major issue is there or some extra cost is involved (for example in plus sizes etc) our design team will get back to you.
The formula to convert inches to centimeters : 1 inch = 2.54 cm. i.e. 10 inches = 10 x 2.54 = 25.4cm. & 10 cm equals 3.9 inches.
Should there be a discrepancy in the numbers submitted, we will try to contact you. If we are unable to contact you or do not receive response to our request for clarification, we will use our own best judgement. If you have any questions please e-mail us on .
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   Body-You want to submit body measurement and our tailor will give suitable loosening as per tailoring principles.
   Garment-You want to submit ready garment measurement and you do not want loosening on submitted numbers.
  Kameez (Top)
 1. Around Bust * 
In Inches
 2. Around Above Waist * 
In Inches
 3. Shoulder  
In Inches
 4. Sleeve Style
 5. Sleeve Length
In Inches
 6. Around Arm Hole * 
In Inches
 7. Around Arm * 
In Inches
 8. Front Neck Style
 9. Front Neck Depth  
In Inches
 10. Back Neck Style
 11. Back Neck Depth  
In Inches
 (A).Upper(Top) Style
 12.Upper(Top) Length* 
In Inches
 13. Closing Side
 14. Closing with
 15. Lining
  Salwar (Bottom)
 16. Around Waist * 
In Inches
 17. Around Hips * 
In Inches
 18. Bottom Length * 
In Inches
 19. Bottom Style
 * Point 19(a), 19(b), 19(c) and 19(d) use only for churidar
 *Point 19(e) use for salwar / punjabi, semi patiala
 19(a). Around Knee
In Inches
 19(b). Around Ankle
In Inches
 19(c). Around Thigh
In Inches
 19(d). Around Calf
In Inches
 19(e). Around Bottom
In Inches
 20. Closing Side
 21. Closing With
 22. Garment Fit Description
 Tight Fit
 Comfort Fit
 Easy Fit
 (H). Your Height * 
in Feet and inches
If any point is not covered in above form or if you want to add some special instructions or clarification,use the below box:
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Alternate / Other methods of providing measurements : -

 Want to choose from garment size
  If you have access to limited information about size or want to choose from standard size, click here standard measurement.

 Want us to use earlier submitted measurement
  If your last order was a perfect fit, and you need no changes or minor changes then email us on . We'll pull out your last order measurement   details and send you back a mail for confirmation.

 Want to provide ready garment measurement
  If you wish to provide ready garment measurement, then we request you to email us the details on in place of filling this form and please do   not forget to mention that you are emailing ready garment measurement. Add item code and/or order number for reference.

 Wish to send us your best fitting blouse / suit for sample purpose
  Wish to send us your best fitting blouse / suit for sample purpose Please mail your sample suit to the address listed below, write a note about any changes to the size & style. We will do all the measuring. Your dress will be promptly returned to you along with your new dress. We will keep a record of size/style for future orders.

 Want to email your measurement instructions
  If you are having problem submitting yourmeasurements through the measurement form then you can email us your measurements and style instructions on,