Privacy Policy

Respecting the trust and faith you show on, we implement the highest benchmarks in matters related to customer’s personal information and secured transactions. The Privacy Policy is a notice explaining the process and practices by which information is collected and thereafter used for future references, as well as for customized, safe and smoother transactions.

It may be noted that by visiting the website, signing in, purchasing products and by giving personal informations like name, address, phone number or email address you agree to the privacy policy as well as terms of the website. By using the services of the website you give us consent to collect your personal information and use the same in accordance to User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Personal Information Collection:

If you show interest in specific product or conduct a purchase on the site then we collect personal identifiable information from you. This includes personal informations like email address, name, contact information, shipping details and in case of purchase, includes financial informations like credit or debit card number  and expiry date.

The purpose behind this information collection is to understand prospective customer, their preferences, needs and choices so that their viewing and shopping experience can be customized to more appealing and effective one. Also this information helps to make more effective ad smooth transaction for customers visiting more than once. To improve services in every possible way this is an attempt of us to understand you better.

Information Collected through Technology:  By the means of technology we can also collect certain informations like operating system, type of browser used and internet protocol address.

Cookies: This is again a small file which enables us to research on the URL’s visited along with its date and time as well as navigation details which highlights the nature of your search and pages viewed. This helps us to understand your requirement better and thus serve you better. With more detail research on your preference we can intimate regarding offers and new products to serve better.

However it may be noted that cookies is an optional feature which solely depends on your preference. You may disable the cookies option from the browser but in that case it would be difficult to provide such tailored services especially designed for you from our end.

Use of Information Collected:
The information collected is majorly used to serve you. It is used for billing, fulfill orders and provide excellent services. It is also used to troubleshoot problems and disputes, resolve queries, provide extended support, inform about offers and new products, initiate updates, collect money, detect fraud and illegal activity and ensure a hassle free smoother and pleasant experience.  There may be occasional online surveys which may require you to provide little demographic information like income level, educational qualification, nature of work etc so that we can provide with products specially to cater your interests. The information as a whole is majorly collected to make a website more customers friendly and useful for every user.

Hyperlinks to Other Websites:

It may be noted that the website contains links of other websites which by any way is not owned by and have no direct relation towards its activities. It may also be noted that Knot4sale is also not responsible for the privacy policy of these websites and it is advisable that every user must read these websites privacy policy before leaving our site.

Precautionary Measures and Security:

It must be noted that we process your information through secure server and keep informations under our control so that it is not misused or altered at any point. In case of financial transaction like usage of credit card number an exclusive secure socket is used named as SSL or Secure Socket Layer. Even for personal information a secure industry standard process is used to maintain quality work. However no storage or data transmission process is absolutely secured and none can give guarantee on the same. In this case the best possible methods are used so that the gap for fallacy remains almost negligible.

Legal Disclaimer:

Abiding the law, we hold the rights to disclose information as and when it is required. We share majorly to abide by judicial proceedings on any legal process as implied on us.

User Rights:

The user of this websites are not bounded with the policies and services of the website for a long time as at any point the user himself can remove his name from extended services of the website like emails, newsletters and promotional letters by just mailing at There is an unsubscribe option for every user of the website.

Advertisements on

Third party advertisement companies are there which provides advertisements on this website. These third-party companies may use personal information like name address and details about visits on the website to cater you with products of your interests.

Customer Service:

Based on the information given by a user a welcome mail is sent by us to every interested user and from then onwards communication is established via email, phone etc. Every queries or request may be processed with the help of customer service.

Contact Us:

For any queries or any clarifications please contact

Kohl Retail Management,

7-2/35, Kishan Ganj, Hapur,

Uttar Pradesh, 245101

Contact number: 0122-2333536, 7500400041

Revisions and Changes in Policy:

This Privacy policy is not constant and is subjected to changes from time to time. For every user it is necessary to check the revisions and changes in privacy policy to remain updated on the same. If there remains any objection on the privacy policy implemented then one must cease to use the website, its products and services. If there remains continuation in usage of the website by you even after changes in policy it will indicate that you affirm the changes and abide by the revised terms and conditions of the website.

For providing any suggestions or ideas for betterment of the website or for changes and privacy policy one may contact the website authorities by mail or can email at