Usage terms

By using you give consent and agree to the policies as well as the rules laid down in this Usage Terms Agreement as well as Privacy Policy of the website. The site allows the user to surf, select, choose and purchase luxurious and fashionable clothing, accessories, handlooms and foot wares.

The Usage terms and conditions is subjected to acceptance and establishes the relationship between the user and Kohl Retail Management, a proprietary firm hereinafter called as the ‘Company’, for any sales and delivery of goods on the site. If any visitor comes across any documentation on the site which conflicts with the terms explained in Usage Terms agreement then the latter will be considered as the rules for the Usage of the site. If the User declines to remain bounded with the terms explained in this agreement and Privacy policy, then the usage of this website should be stopped immediately and should not be used further. From the company ends the goods and products are provided only if the terms and conditions explained in the website are accepted by any User.

The terms and conditions of the website are amended and revised from time to time. It is important to study and understand this conditions carefully as this can be considered as the bonding contract between the user and the company. If the user visits, uses or purchases from this website then by default he agrees to the clauses of this website as well as any other future website operated by the company.

It must be noted that the terms and conditions explained in this agreement prevails in any case. For purchasing goods it is important that the user gives us authorization to send promotional mails of various goods as well as inform about administrative details that are necessary. Not only this the promotional mails also helps with information on user account, intimates on any activity and shares news on latest product inclusion and offers.  But this is only an added feature and if the user doesn’t want this added service, there is always option to unsubscribe from such promotional mails and the end of each mail. One can refer to the privacy policy to know more on this subject.  Please be informed that the company bears no responsibility for the promotional emails or sms/mms sent to the user. The offers explained in this emails are subject to change at any point of time and the company bears no responsibility regarding informing the changes as and when to the user.

While you (the User) place an order on our site as per your preference to buy some goods it implies that the order is based on the restrictions imposed by the site, the merchant and not to forget following the terms explained in this agreement.

The first important activity in order to proceed with a purchase on the site is to open an account on the site with some basic information so that we can identify the user each time you log in and give added beneficial features like printing of orders and maintaining a record of all purchases.

In this please note that the website takes no responsibility for the products sold or promoted which belong to third party vendors. There is no warranty on the clothes sold, over its quality or durability and other benefits if in the same a third party vendor is involved in it. However kindly note in case of bodily harm sports like river rafting, rock climbing, there is no responsibility by the company and the user  has to take responsibility for its actions.

The company has the authority to make changes as and when they feel it’s necessary in the terms and conditions agreement and the Privacy policy, and for this the company has no liability to inform the same to the customer as it happens. So from time to time one must go through both the crucial documents, the usage agreement and the privacy policy to stay informed and updated. It must be noted that continuous usage of the site even after changes made in it, by default implies that the user agrees to the revised policies explained in both the agreement papers.

To explain in details the usage terms, the following points have been elaborated,

  1. Service Details:  The website is an online shopping portal which gives the User the authority to purchase luxurious and fashionable clothing, jewellery, accessories, foot wares, bedspreads, handbags and many other products.
  2. Common Rules:  This is an agreement between the user and the company and the Usage terms are the rules set for the User to follow while using the website. By using this website the User virtually gives consent to follow the rules as written.  It may be noted that the authority of using the website is absolutely independent and it cannot be transferred to any entity (living or non living).  There can be passwords used in the accounts created by the user to protect its confidentiality but to protect the password is the responsibility of the User. Again every person using the website must be aware of the fact that though internet is a secure platform but there also technical defaults can happen with service interruption where the Company is in no way responsible.  It is no way under the company’s control even if any major loss of information happens due to this default.  It is the intention of the Company to make the website available for the users all-time for the users but for whatsoever reasons the website can remain unavailable for a period of time. This can be for many reasons like internet problem, maintenance of the website and many others. In those cases the Company takes no responsibility to inform the Users beforehand. This applies even in severe situations of termination or suspension of the website. It must also be understood that the Company bears all rights to alter the information given in the website, discontinue any feature, and stop any offer at any point of time without any intimation to the users. Any technical changes done on the website also follows the same rule unless any further notifications from the Company.
  3. Amendment Rights:  The Company has all the rights to amend the usage terms and privacy policy at any point of time. Changes can be inclusion or omission or introduction of any kind. So it is important to check the Usage terms every time so that any alteration or addition is known to the users. Again there is no intimation given for these changes. The effectiveness of the changes made on the Usage terms and Privacy Policy starts from the time it is uploaded so using the website after the changes are implemented insist that the user consent is there on the revised policies.
  4. Accessories: Few accessories are the mandatory requirement for accessing the Internet and websites. So the availability of such accessories like computer, telephone, LAN, etc is required to access the website. There are few charges included in this service and that needs to be borne by the User. Any software or hardware faults happened due to usage of the site is not the liability of the company.
  5. Licensing Policy:  The Company provides license to access the site and make use of its services provided.  Few exclusions are there in this license which includes copying or downloading information, introducing hyperlinks which are illegal and not unauthorized, and uploading, transmitting informations, introducing files that may have software viruses, introducing code, or program files that may affect computer functionality or damage the availability of the website in any way.  Kindly note that any unauthorized usage or any damage causing activity may discontinue the license of using the site in future and decision of the same lies solely in the rights of the Company.
  6. Eligibility terms:  The site is available to almost every person who shows interest in the site except for those who have not attended the age of 18 and those who have been restricted from entering the site due to some reason from the company ends.  It is important that the user maintains only one account on the site as multiple accounts give rise to confusion and may indicate fraudulent activities which are not at all desirable. No selling is allowed by the users in this account. The user also cannot transfer their account to other parties as it is not allowed. If they no longer want to utilize the services of the website they may close the account at the earliest.  It must be noted that the company has no liability if the account is transferred by the user to third party and any damage occurs because of it, like damage to the email or payment made by third party with the user credit card.
  7. Account Liability:  By using the website of there is a confirmation from the user side that the user is of legal age and according to the country’s law can have services and can enter an agreement of this sort.   The registration form available on the website demands certain information from the User and it is the responsibility of the User to fetch the details correctly. The informations provided should be true and correct and current and complete. If it is found through any sources that the information provided by the user is untrue and not right in any way then has all rights to suspend the account or remove the user permanently from accessing the site. The company bears no responsibility of intimating the user of such actions before acting on it. The confidentiality of the account with passwords is the responsibility of the user. In many cases the passwords are shared by the user with near and dear ones but this is done at the discretion of the use because the company takes no responsibility regarding usage of the account or any transaction made through that account. If there is a misuse on this account or any damaged caused because of this then the company bears no responsibility for the action.  That is why it is important to log out from the each session whenever it is over and inform the company when any wrong usage is done on the account. Any illegal activity on the account if known by the user should be informed to the company on an immediate basis. In case of such fallacy holds the right to terminate or suspend the account of the suspected user.
  8. Product Pricing:  Though it is the motive of the company to facilititate their customers with the best prices and the best services available but the same is always not the case. That is why does not guarantee the lowest prices for any product in the region, locality or the web arena.  Availability and the prices of the goods can change from time to time without any prior intimation.  The pricing is not depended on the price of the product in other sites or in the market as price of any good is the sole discretion of the company. It is the pricing policy of the company that decides the price of products, offers and discounts applicable on each of them.  Though the pricing and information on any goods are usually correct but there may be so typing errors in the site. If the company becomes aware of such incorrect pricing or information then the Company will deal with it and contact user with revised details and cancel the order if necessary for the same. The cancellation details and reasons will be informed accordingly. After modifying the details will contact the user on the contact information provided by the user at the time of registration and cancel the order. In case of acceptance of the order the price would be debited from your account. In case the company decides to cancel the order and the amount is debited but the product is not dispatched yet, in that case the amount debited will be reversed into your account and no processing would be done. This condition however is not applicable in case of Cash on Delivery option.
  9. Order Cancellation: Some orders given by customers cannot be accepted as per the rules and limitations of  In some cases the company holds the right to cancel an order and refuse to process the transaction with a user.  This can be for many reasons like availability of limited quantity, purchase quantity not right, error in information, error in price, fraudulent activity suspected or any defect on the product.  In some cases few more informations are required apart from the standard one to dispatch the product and if those are not available then the order may be cancelled. Before cancellation of the order there will be an intimation given or additional information will be collected, if that solves the problem. In this scenario if the cancellation is processed after debiting payment from the user card account then the payment will be reversed at the earliest. If there is any coupon or discount used in this purchase the value of the same will not be redeemed and the same will be given back to the users account.

10. Order Termination initiated by Customer:  It should be noted that the customer may have complete rights towards cancellation of their placed order but whether to accept or reject the termination request remains solely in the discretion of   In usual cases as soon as an order termination request is received, the first thing done is to check the status of the order id and if the same is yet to be processed the order gets cancelled on an immediate basis. In this case the money gets refunded through the bank paid. Kindly follow that there is an order termination process where the customer needs to cancel the order by twenty four hours time of placing the same and before processing of the same is done. It should be kept in mind that the rights towards discarding or accepting a termination request remain solely in the discretion of For any decision taken, the customer has to agree to the decision taken by and accept accordingly. In case of cancellation of order knot4sale refunds the price but cancels the voucher if any used while payment.

  1. 11.  Fraud Detection and Deceptive Transaction:  To protect the website from fraudulent transactions there’s a team of officers detecting fraud accounts and transactions made from them. If there are multiple accounts of a single user or if wrongly referral vouchers are used the detecting team immediately takes legal action on the same.  In this scenario holds the exclusive rights to collect all kinds of fees, legal charges, cost of goods, lawyer fees from persons executing such fraudulent activity.  It must be noted that holds the exclusive rights to initiate legal action against those who act fraudulently on the site or breach the conditions mentioned in this agreement. If such account is been detected and before legal actions are initiated, becomes aware of multiple transactions being executed, the website holds all rights to reject any pending transactions and delete the account  and dishonor all order request  without any liability.  In such a scenario no financial liability also holds towards that account.

12. Dispute Resolution:  The website in order to promote sales and popularity of the website may introduce coupons or deals at regular intervals.  Any customer may have query against such deals or coupons. In those cases it is mandatory that the customer submits the query regarding usage of the same in the website within fifteen days of the purchase. would investigate and resolve the issue at the earliest and help the customer on the usage of the same. If there remains no intimation from the customer’s side for the first fifteen days it would be considered as accurate and no disputes rose after this period would be taken into account by  Again it should be noted that we respect the privacy of the customers as described in the privacy policy. Any issues or disputes should be highlighted by the customer itself as there is no process to entertain requests of third party or person other than customer.

13. Customer Intimation for any dispute on coupons, deals etc:  It is the responsibility of every customer to inform in case of any disputes in coupons or deals. For example the vouchers may be lost or stolen, damaged or misused or even not received and sometimes used without consent of the customer.  In such cases one may inform our office immediately by calling us or putting an email through for immediate action. The company will take action as per the process laid down.  In case of lost coupons being received by the customer, he must refrain from using the same and destroy it at the earliest. Only the renewed new coupons from knot4sale should be used for any transaction by the customer.

14. Card Information:  User must understand clearly that in case of using card for transaction, necessary details needs to be filled and few personal information needs to be disclosed on the website. It is the responsibility of the user to feed in accurate information of the card which is legally owned by him. To be specific one must uses own credit or debit card for purchase in The information given to of the credit card should also be valid and devoid of disputes. The user may remain satisfied that the card information shared will not be again disclosed before any other parties unless there are fraudulent activities happening from the account or there is some request from Indian law or court order which needs to be adhered. It must be noted that is not responsible for credit card faults.  Usage of the credit card and its liabilities are completely responsibility of the user with no stake of knot 4

15. Content Submission: have no liabilities as well as no ownership towards any material or content provided by the user. By inclusion of this content, the user gives complete grant to the website to copy, modify, display, and sublicense the material or part of it as per requirement and will of  By inclusion of own material the user covenant that the material included, does not contain any video, music or images and or even if it contains, the user have full rights to give license for the same.

16. Disclaimer of Warranty:  Any kind of services or products or may be its content available on the website or from any linked website does not have any warranties given by the website. All warranties available in the website are given by the manufacturers and suppliers of the product and not by In case of any claims one must raise the same to the manufacturer of the product or to the supplier of the same and not to in any situation.  There are few things over which take no responsibility and never endorse the same.  To begin with, there are statements provided in the websites which are not posted by The website takes no responsibility on the genuineness, accuracy and trustworthiness of those statements or advice posted on the site. Even material of linked sites, its content and its product and services are no way linked to  The linked sites are no way related to

17. Limits of Liability:  The limitations of the liability of should be well understood by all. Under no situation does the website or its affiliated or subsidiary or its employees, agents, partners are responsible for any kind of damage  which includes loses, like loss of profit or goodwill or any intangible loses or any damage to the goods.  It is also not responsible for the content, material and services offered at different intervals round the year.

18. Electronic Media of Communication:  By communicating with over emails the user gives a by default permission to to communicate over emails and sms and newsletters etc. To brief electronic communicated becomes accepted by the user with email communication. It must be noted that there will be communication from in terms of agreement, deals, offer disclosure and many others. It be stated that this communication is valid and can be accepted in case of any legal communication though it is not in paper writing.

19. External Links:  There can be other websites linked to website of  Since has no control over the linked sites, the user must not connect for any activity of the linked sites, its availability, content, product, material, advertisement or its genuineness. Also the user must understand that these external sites may cause damage in terms of usage, or in case of goods or content available in the sites.  In all cases holds no responsibility for the same.

20. Password Protected Areas: Few areas in the website are secured areas and it is especially taken care of by giving password protection on the same. No unauthorized persons can access this secured areas. If any case any person tries to enter the secured areas and break the security code, may take strict action against the intruder. Lawfully he can face prosecution for this illegal activity.

21. Modification and Changes: The website at any point of time can undergo changes in its content, agreement, terms and conditions and privacy policy. holds all rights to change and modify the website as and when needed.  To intimate the modifications will post an email to the address given and inform about all the changes made and its implication date. However it must be noted that there can be failure in receiving the email and this can be due to actions of ISP or it may be due to wrong email address or if some filtration is programmed in the mailbox. For this what the user can do is change the program and removes all filtration and includes the email address of in the white list or email receiving list of the mail server. This way mail delivery can be assured.  Apart from this there will be an announcement made on the terms and conditions and privacy policy and the same will be kept for few days so that one can refer to the same any time. Usually the announcement is kept for thirty days so if someone log in to the website after thirty days or more the user must check this segments for modifications. The actual rule is to check this segment at regular intervals to remain updated regarding any changes in these two areas of the website.  If the change in policy as stated in the terms and conditions of the website is not accepted by the user, there is an option to terminate the account and stop using the website. To terminate any communication with the website and close the account the user needs to mail to stating the wish of termination. And if after reading the changed policy the user continues to use the account the same would be considered as agreement to the new terms and conditions.  It must be noted that furnishing with current and updated email address of the user is the obligation of user only.

  1. 22.  Logos:  The logo or trademark used in different pages of is the property of the site and no authorized person has the rights to use the same for own benefit. To use the same trademark one must acquire written consent from and then only it can used in World Wide Web.  All information available in the site is protected by copyright.  Modification, copy, change, distribution, publishes, sell, or any kind of licensing is prohibited by any user and violation of the same may take in serious offense and legal action. Under the copyright law though this activities are prohibited but the user save or download and print content of the website for personal usage. No addition or deletion can be done by the user without the permission of the copyright holder.  For any these kinds of activities the user needs to fetch permission from the copyright holder.

23. Tax Collection: As per the Indian law there are several taxes which need to be collected by every business. The prices of the products by the merchant includes VAT charges which in some way is also depended on the destination the order will be dispatched.  Another two taxes will also be included in the purchase and that is the local tax as well as the state tax.  This will be in lieu with the address in which the product would be dispatched.  It must be noted that has all the rights to collect shipping charges depending on the delivery address given. also holds rights to collect taxes as per law.

24. Sale Information: It must be understood by every user that all sales given by is for limited period and it is the responsibility of the user to login faster and collect better and stylish products.  The online sale is on first come first serve basis and no stock can be kept on hold with any kind of intimation.

25. Vouchers: There are many promotional vouchers introduced by to increase the sale and attract more and more customers. There can be credit vouchers as well as there can be referral vouchers which are given to benefit the user in a financial way. The details of the vouchers are present in My Account section of every user.  It must be noted that holds all the rights to initiate, change or modify this vouchers and the rights to terminate any promotional offers introduced.  At regular intervals may introduce promotion offers where all terms and conditions are decided by and the user must abide with the introduced clauses to avail the facility.

26. Offers and Schemes: holds the exclusive right to introduce or delete, modify or change the terms and conditions of every scheme. As at definite time can introduce offers, it can terminate the same also without much notification. In case of queries in this matter one needs to speak to the customer care number or mail query at the email address provided.  It must also be noted that may start contest in the website as a promotional activity and the terms and conditions of that contest will also be decided by If the user participates in any of the contest then by default it will be considered as agreement to the terms and conditions laid by knot4sale .com for the contest.

27. Selective Offers: It must be noted that holds all the rights to introduce offers and schemes. But some of these schemes may be meant for selected users.  To avail this special offers one must abide by the terms and conditions introduced by knot

28. Delivery Rules:  Though delivery of the goods in is done within a definite period but there can be plenty of reasons for which a delay in delivery can happen. It must be understood that the delivery is dependent on the availability of the product from the manufacturer and supplier end. It is also dependent on the transport and the road conditions. However it must be noted that if the receiver of the goods fail to receive the package while delivered then holds all rights to charge for resending the goods.  There are few conditions marked on occurrence of which no delivery of goods can be done to the customer address. To begin with if there is unavailability of product or the manufacturer fails to deliver products in due time then there can be a situation of no delivery for the customer. Even if the product is found to be of low quality by our specialized audit team or the pricing is not correct then also the delivery would be cancelled. However in such cases there will be no burden of financial payment from the customer end and all money received for the product will be refunded duly.  In case of payments through debit or credit card the consumer can be kept assured that the payment will be reversed to the bank account only. In case of cash on delivery, the question of refund doesn’t arise at all.

29. Extermination of Agreement: This agreement is an important document between the company and the user. However the company holds absolute right to terminate the terms and conditions of the agreement at any point of time. It can block the account of any user, change password, block the secured zones of account, if the company finds the account is not accurately operated and there are behavior issues with the account.  With the termination of this agreement there will be no bindings of the user towards the terms and conditions laid down in the agreement.

30. Other Clauses: holds rights to execute legal action against all those who breaches the terms and conditions of the agreement. But it is not mandatory that the legal action would be executed against all breaches as this decision is exclusively taken by All clauses of the company are governed by the laws applicable in the country and any disputes will be taken care of in the New Delhi Court of India.

31. Communication: For any query or any confusion one can at any point contact in the given address or can contact the company in the call center number to speak to an executive of the company and clear the doubts. One can also email at the given address so that a proper reply can be given explaining the terms and conditions of the company for a better relation between the user and